eduardomiguelnovilloastrada-25-2016-6-71GALEJANDRO WILL START IN POSITION #1

After having witnessed the triumph of Zacara over RH in the quarter finals of the Queen’s Cup, the brothers Eduardo and Miguel Novillo Astrada spoke with PoloLine regarding the following Argentine season, that will be special for them for several factors, but mainly due to the fact that La Aguada will have once again, a line-up of four brothers. This is owed to the incorporation of Alejandro, the comeback of Eduardo after Las Monjitas and the return of Miguel after his hiatus on 2015, when he decided to not participate in the Triple Crown.

Regarding the 2016 Triple Crown, that’s coming shortly (Miguel) “I am really eager to start and very keen on the team. The only question is which positions we are going to take on the team, it gives the whole thing a bit of a thrill. Anyways, we know each other extremely good, I believe it will all work just fine”.
(Eduardo): “El Negro (Alejandro) is very expectant, concentrated, has been playing really well. It is fun, and the main idea is to enjoy and have fun. I believe that we will be well mounted: we brought many horses from the US, so that will give us an extra push, plus everything that comes from the breeding, added to a bit of Las Monjitas. Let’s have a good time and see what happens”.

From the last time they both played together: (Miguel) “I guess it has been four years now since we last did. 2011, I presume. With El Negro we have played some games where he was reserve, so we have played matches together, but not a whole tournament with El Negro. He replaced someone in Tortugas once, but that was about it”.
(Eduardo): “El Negro played once replacing Javo, he’ll start as 1 and then we’ll see if we need a change”.

Regarding the expectations that having an all-Novillo team generates them: (Eduardo) “I believe it will be a fun season for us after several years of not playing together. We got together for lunch in December, Vero my sister came along, and we said: “Let’s have some fun”, which is our main goal now. It is obviously in La Aguada’s DNA to give everything on the pitch. But the main thing will be to have a good time, and not so much stress”.

In respect as how the possibility of playing together came about: (Eduardo) “We had already discussed it before, and we were about to have a meeting, but Vero came to lunch and we told her that we would play all four”.
(Miguel): “This had its own course and the goal was primarily to play with El Negro at some point. Ever since the four of us started we would give some place to El Negro. After that, we separated so he could play because we were five, and then Javo got sick. When we were 5, the teams were two so that we could all be able to play”.

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