El Milagro beat Jolly Rodgers by a 9 a 7.5 score, and captured the 16-goal La Aguada Cowdray Park Polo Trophy, following a very even final, that was played today at La Aguada Polo Club.


Played within the spring season at the Novillo Astrada family’s club, the tournament strenghthens the partnership between two of the most renowned polo clubs worldwide – La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina and Cowdray Park Polo Club, in Midhurst, West Sussex, England, the venue of one of the most coveted polo trophies, the Gold Cup for the British Open.


The results of the finals have been as follows;


Final Cowdray Park Polo Trophy: El Milagro 9 vs. Jolly Rodgers 7,5

Subsidiary I:  Clearwater 11 vs. Irongate 10

Subsidiary II: CT Polo 8 vs. Cowdray Vikings 6

Subsidiary III: Conosco 7 vs. In The Wings 7


FAIR PLAY AWARD: Lila Pearson (Cowdray Vikings)

MVP: Jamie Grayson (CT Polo) and Camp Campbell (Clearwater)






Cowdray Vikings: Lila Pearson 0, Manuel Novillo Astrada 0, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Gastón Lahulé 7. Total: 15


Irongate: James Scott Hopkins 0, Tomás Dartiguelongue 6, Alejandro Pistone 3, Matias Fernández Llanos 6. Total: 15


Conosco: Jeremy Pemberton 0, Will Emerson 5, Guy Gibrat 6, Juan Pedro Harriet 4. Total: 15


Jolly Rodgers: Nicolás Johanssen 0, Justo Novillo Astrada 1, Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. 9, Jamie LeHardy 4. Total: 14





Clear Water: Camp Campbell 1, Chip Campbell 2, Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario 8, Juan Carlos Harriet 5. Total: 16


El Milagro: Federico Tomasevich 0, Tomás Pistone 1, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9, Santiago Solari 6. Total: 16


CT Polo: Alessandro Bazzoni 1, Jamie Grayson 1, Miguel Novillo Astrada 9, Nick Manifold 5. Total: 16


In The Wings: Andre Fabre 0, Rufino Bensadon 1, Francisco Bensadon 8, Julián De Lusarreta 7. Total: 16





Monday, November 28

10am: Cowdray Vikings vs. Irongate

10am: El Milagro vs. In The Wings

11,30am: Conosco vs. Jolly Rodgers

11,30am: Clear Water vs. CJ Polo


Tuesday, November 29 

10am: Irongate vs. Conosco

11,30am: Clear Water vs. In The Wings


Wednesday, November 30 

3,30pm: Cowdray Vikings vs. Jolly Rodgers

5pm: El Milagro vs. CJ Polo


Thursday, December 1 

3,30pm: Cowdray Vikings vs. Conosco

3,30pm: CT Polo vs. In The Wings

5pm: Jolly Rodgers vs. Irongate

5pm: El Milagro vs. Irongate


Friday, December 2

2pm, Final, Ground 5: Jolly Rodgers vs. El Milagro

3pm, Subsidiary II, Ground 4: Cowdray Vikings vs. CT Polo

4,30pm, Subsidiary I, Ground 5: Irongate vs. Clearwater

4,30pm, Subsidiary III, Ground 4: Conosco vs. In The Wings









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