El Remanso beat La Dolfina Oriental 10-6 and claimed El Remanso Cup, following the final that took place at the Lobos-based club owned by the Hanbury family.

Score El Remanso: 1-0, 5-0, 7-2, 8-2,10-3,10-6

Pepe Heguy 6, James Beim 2, Charlie Hanbury 2, Alejo Taranco 3, Gaston Lahule 2, Mariano Alvarez 1

Umpire: Alex Roldan

MVP: Pepe Heguy
BPP: Vasca Gripe, owned by Eduardo Heguy and ridden by James Beim

The subsidiary went to La Gama, who beat El Carmen by a narrow 11-10, in extra chukka. The umpire was Martin Goti.

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