Alegría 23-8 La Irenita

Alegría started very strongly scoring a good difference after an even first chukker but with La Irenita not taking advantage on the opportunities. It was also a troubled match for Clemente Zavaleta, who suffered a couple of falls but fortunately was back playing with no problem. Fred Mannix’ team was playing really well and also some good open polo showing superiority over its rival and being very effective on attack.They reached halftime leading 13-5. From then on Alegria continued scoring and they even raised the difference in the scoreboard. Final score was 23-8 and they will play Ellerstina on Tuesday looking for a place in the final.

Nominated horses:
Dolfina Popular, played by Sapo Caset; Vertiente Mojarrita, played by Lucas Monteverde; Yaco Suerte, played by Juan Gris Zavaleta. Judges: Coco Monsegou and Pepe Heguy.

MVP: Hilario Ulloa.
Score Alegría: 5-1, 7-3, 9-4, 13-5, 13-5, 16-6, 20-7, 23-8.
Alegría: Hilario Ulloa (10, 4 penalties), Sapo Caset (6), Lucas Monteverde (5) and Fred Mannix (2).
La Irenita: Juan Gris Zavaleta (5, 4 penalties), Tito Ruiz Guiñazú (1 penalty), Clemente Zavaleta (1) and Matías Mac Donough (1).

Alegria vs. La Irenita
Ellerstina 16-11 Washington

On one side, Washington trying to keep on growing on their polo; on the other, Ellerstina with Rodrigo Andrade from the beginning replacing Polito Pieres, injured. A very intense and even match from the kick off with both teams exchanging penalties to take the game to a 1-1 after the first chukker. On the second, Ellerstina started to take some advantage which led them to a new win. After tying chukkers 3 and 4, the Pieres’ team reached the halftime leading 7-4. It was in the fifth period where they score a really big advantage, taking a 5-1 after goals by the three brothers. Mariano Aguerre replaced Rodrigo Andrade at the beginning of the 7th. Washington showed some good things in the last chukkers but Ellerstina was too strong for them. Wednesday will find Ellerstina playing Alegría looking for their 8th Triple Crown final in a row.

Nominated horses:
One Magnífica, played by Facundo Pieres; Open Canosa, played by Facundo Pieres; Abrojito Bruja, played by Facundo Sola. Judge: Joaquín Pittaluga.

MVP: Facundo Pieres.
Score Ellerstina: 1-1, 3-1, 5-2, 7-4, 12-5, 13-7, 15-9, 16-11.
Ellerstina: Facundo Pieres (6, 4 penalties), Nicolás Pieres (4), Rodrigo Andrade (2), Gonzalo Pieres (2), Mariano Aguerre (2).
Washington: Facundo Sola (3, 2 penalties), Diego Cavanagh (5, 2 penalties), Alfredo Cappella (2, 1 penalty), Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario (1).

Ellerstina vs Washington

Watch the Press Conference (Esp) (Sapo Caset, Facundo Pieres and Diego Cavanagh)

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