Empire Polo Gears Up For Polo With a Monster Move As Empire Strikes Big

The Polo Report
By Steve Crowder

Just 2 weeks ago today, 150,000 people roamed the Polo fields of Empire over 2, 3-day weekends.

Talk about traffic! There was also the challenge of moving 4 million pounds of equipment, stages, seating, sorta potties, tents and bleachers along with   the biggest video screen in the USA.

Since the last polo game in March, there have been close to a million people walking on these fields with 5 weeks of concerts including Coachella, Stagecoach, Desert Trip  and a many  corporate parties and luxury weddings in between.

The fields need to be watered, prepared and overseeded with rye by Nov.1.  You might not think this was possible with Desert Trip ending mid-Oct.  Well, you might not know Al Haagan!

I pulled into Empire Polo last Monday and holy s—t there were 6 tractors pulling plugs on a field already soaked in and sanded.  They had already had the aggravator run across it by night fall. It was ready for seed and mulch. They had 2 aggavators and were ½ way thru 2 more fields and core pullers right behind them. I could push the compactor gauge down 8 inches with a mild push and it was so smooth.  I have no doubt these fields will be super safe and fast. We already know Empire has the biggest crowds in Polo in the USA every Sunday starting January 1st – April 2nd. This is an example of how much equipment they have at Empire.

Take a look on the Internet when HWY 10 was closed due to a flash flood. Cal Tran and Granite construction fixed it in less than a week.  That’s what it looked like the Sunday after the concert @ Empire. No Polo club in the World has the machinery Empire does and none of them make the money Empire does, but it comes with challenges.   Keeping the grounds up is one and that is a constant challenge, but Mr. Haagen has the heart of a lion and the power of one. He wants it to work and it is.

The gray piles in pictures are part of a 100 thousand yards of sand for the fields. They will have grip and be so fast.  I could hit the ball far and live to talk about it. The desert polo will soon be the place to be.  It already is, just not many know it yet. There are 30 fields in 5 square miles, huge crowds, it is more economical, has better weather (NO RAIN) and more things to do that are nearby. There are a lot of big cities within 2 hours drive, beaches and the mountains.
There is no place like EMPIRE POLO CLUB Look it up. http://www.EmpirePolo.com

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