Especially for beginners: Gain tournament experience at the home of polo!

polo-patrons-cup-argentinaArgentina is the Mecca of the sport of polo. Here you can find the best players, horses and tournaments in the world. So is there a better place to learn and play the fast-paced sport than in the home of polo? For that reason in March a special polo event will be organised: The “POLO+10 Argentina Challenge 2016” is especially aimed at beginners and advanced beginners, who would like to gain playing experience.

This unique event extends over two weekends and will be held at two of the most beautiful polo locations of the country: at the La Tarde Polo Club and the Argentina Polo Academy – both located in Buenos Aires Province, right in the polo heart of Argentina. The first weekend will take place from 3-6 March 2016 at La Tarde Polo Club, including four participating teams. The second venue will be the Argentina Polo Academy, where six teams will encounter each other in the second part of the POLO+10 Argentina Challenge.

At both weekends the participants will enjoy a unique combination of polo tournament (low goal), coaching, party atmosphere and holiday feeling. In addition to the polo matches, the tournaments include an entertaining social programme, among others consisting of an asado and a Players Party. Both tournaments are independent of each other and can be played separately.

Registrations for single players or whole teams are still possible on request. One’s own professional player can be taken along or a professional player will be supplied by the club. Both tournaments of the “POLO+10 Argentina Challenge 2016” can be booked as a single event or as a package at a discount!

In case of booking the double weekend option, you will enjoy a special experience: On Sunday evening (6 March 2016) you will be taken to Buenos Aires by VIP shuttle. An exciting evening including a tango show awaits you in the capital of Argentina. You will have a one night’s stay at Hotel Madero, which is located in the trendy dock area Puerto Madero.

Contact: or here: → POLO+10 World Tour

All relevant information for the first weekend: → POLO+10 Argentina Challenge I
All relevant information for the second weekend: → POLO+10 Argentina Challenge II

Especially for beginners: Gain tournament experience at the home of polo!

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