SBPC-USPA-Silver-Cup-PodioRacing the length of the field, dodging players left and right, Lucas Criado scores three consecutive goals for Farmers & Merchants Bank to open up the 2016 USPA Maserati Silver Cup. Spectators from all over Southern California and beyond were treated to a fun filled day with an exclusive La Martina pop-up shop, Maserati test drives and a Nespresso iced coffee divot stomp.

Earlier in the day, as Dan Walker gave his weekly tour of the Club to clients, he paused in front of the trophy table set up for the final. “The Silver Cup has heart,” he told his guests, “it is the longest running tournament played for in the United States and it is an honor to be on this trophy.” His name will now appear on the trophy for a third time after his MVP performance in the final.

Panelo and Criado stole the show in the first three chukkers. Scoring a combined six goals in the first half, Farmers & Merchants Bank was rocking and rolling. Most importantly, the defensive efforts of Radcliff and Walker held the Lucchese team to only two goals over the first three chukkers giving FMB a dominating lead.

As described by Dan Walker, Criado was an “offensive general who was able to find himself alone because of his quick horses and great stick work.”

Deep neckshots, perfectly placed backshots and tight man to man play marked the second half of the match.

Lucchese looked to close the gap in the score but Farmers & Merchants Bank continued their scoring streak adding two goals in the 4th chukker.
On the opposition, Krueger pushed hard on both offense and defense scoring the only four goals attributed to the Lucchese team through the fifth chukker. Jake Klentner stepped in for an injured John Muse in the fifth chukker changing the rhythm of the match.

Klentner’s tight defense against Dan Walker forced FMB to alter their game in the last fifteen minutes of play. Lucchese seized the opportunity to gain some momentum, scoring four goals between the last two chukkers, but was unable to overcome the early lead established by FM.

La Martina owner, Adrian Simonetti, presented trophies on behalf of La Martina and Maserati. Dan Walker was awarded Most Valuable player and his horse, “Dulce” was named Best Playing Pony: Amateur. Lucas Criado’s mare “Paba” was awarded Best Playing Pony: Professional.

Farmers & Merchants Bank has won three of their five attempts in the Silver Cup. The team celebrated their win with appreciation for the horses, grooms and fellow players.

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