theinternationalpolocupkickedoffatthepoloclubdesttropez-66-2016-7-71GThe International Polo Cup kicked off on Thursday at Saint Tropez Polo Club, with both 10- and 15-goal matches. Two 10-goal matches were played first thing in the morning: Antelope vs Dark Ice/Lions Polo Team and St Tropez Polo Team vs Sezz.

Dark Ice/Lions started with an advantage of 1.5 goals and got off to a good start. Halftime found them leading 4.5 – 4. The third chukker was really even and both teams scored two goals a piece. But in the last chukka Antelope showed its superiority in handicap and claimed a 9-6.5 win.

Score Antelope: (0-1.5) 3-3.5, 4-4.5, 6-6.5, 9-6.5.

The second match of the day saw Sezz starting with half a goal advantage. But they suffered the power of the St Tropez Polo Team, who were leading 3-2.5 in the first chukka. But Shahe Kalaidjian’s team started to improve and made a great comeback. They were 6.5-6 up in the fourth chukka. But, in the end, a great chukka by Corinne Schuler’s team gave Saint Tropez Polo Team an 8-7.5 victory.

Score St Tropez Polo Team: (0 – 0.5) 3 – 2.5, 5 – 5.5, 6 – 6.5, 8 – 7.5.

The 15-goal Cup started in the afternoon, with the presence of many important and talented players. First up, Monte Carlo played Pull Love at 5pm. It was an even game, well played and the match was decided in the very last play. Even though Montecarlo was leading after each chukker, the score was always changing. In the end Monte Carlo took a great 12-11 win.

Score Monte Carlo: 3-2, 5-5, 7-6, 11-9, 12-11.

The matchday came to an end with two strong teams facing each other: F Polo Team and VT Wealth Management. The latter started with half a goal advantage and they showed a difference in the game very quickly. They were leading 2.5-0 at the end of the first chukka. But little by little F Polo Team started growing and managed to beat VT 8-6.5.

Score F Polo Team: (0 – 0.5) 0 – 2.5, 1 – 2.5, 4 – 3.5, 7 – 5.5, 8 – 6.5.

Activity in St Tropez will resume on Friday at 7:15 pm with the traditional parade that begins at Port de Saint-Tropez and continues around the city.

Saturday’s order of play is the following:
10 goals:
10am: Cavok vs St Tropez Polo Team
11am: Dark Ice/Lions Polo Team vs Sezz
15 goals:
5pm: Antelope vs VT Wealth Management
6.30pm: Pull Love vs F Polo Team

F Polo Team vs VT Wealth Management

Monte Carlo vs Pull Love

Antelope vs Dark Ice/Lions

St Tropez Polo Team vs Sezz

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