France – Argentine Encounter at Polo Club of Chantilly

chanA big challenge for France !

The Asociación Argentina de Polo has released, yesterday morning, the selection that will face the France Team on May 22 at the Polo Club of Chantilly in Apremont… a big piece for France.

The Argentine Federation has taken this encounter very seriously and obvisouly has no intention to let it slip away! Things will get heavy. The Tricolore will have work to do to stand up against this selection composed of Nacho Kennedy, Jota Chavanne, Pancho Bensadon and Martin Aguerre. Argentina therefore benefits from Pancho Bensadon’s experience of a semi-finalist of the Abierto (Palermo): more than a business card… This handicap 8 player will capitalize on his experience: a vision of the action and a particular faster ability to anticipate. Martin Aguerre (whose uncle has been Palermo’s Argentine champion height times, therefore an amazing family of polo players), and Jota Chavanne are, moreover, used to play together in Chantilly as they have, among others, won the French Open last September with Marquard Media. In addition, Martin Aguerre will play on his handicap 6 while his success and his horses in France allow him a handicap 7 by the French Federation.

A great challenge then, but also one of an experience for this amazing France team (to which Argentina will give a goal to start), that will not bend. The four players have incredibly progressed over the last years, their technical level and their horses will have nothing to envy to the Argentines, and they will give it all. “It’s going to be a tied game, obviously. They have lined up an excellent team but it’s definitely more interesting in order to play a game of that level; there would be less interest playing against a lower level team. And if today we question our ability to win or not, it’s not even worth the bother to show up on the field on the 22nd. We know each other very well on this team, we play a lot together, in every selections, it’s our biggest asset. So serene we go, and we will give everything we have!”, declared Brieuc Rigaux, best French player.

Because this is the best quality of this team: the fighting spirit. It will be an amazing encounter that you don’t want to miss!

The teams :
1. Ignacio Kennedy (h3) 1. Clément Delfosse (h5)
2. Juan P. Chavanne (h5) 2. Patrick Paillol (h5)
3. Francisco Bensadon (h8) 3. Brieuc Rigaux (h6)
4. Martin Aguerre Jr (h6) 4. Pierre Henri Ngoumou (h5)

22 MAI 2016
(21 goals – 6 chukkas -starting at 3:00pm)
Apremont Farm

At 12:00pm
Picnic – Elegance Price
Equestrian Art Exposition
Coupe du Domaine de Chantilly
Match Poney Polo
From 2:00pm
Chantilly equestrian disciplines parade (Hunting, showjumping, driving, races and polo)
After the match, around 5:00pm
Price giving ceremony and presentation by the Compagnie équestre du Domaine de Chantilly

FREE ENTRANCE—Argentine-Encounter-at-Polo-Club-of-Chantilly

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