Free style polo in Pakistan by Saddam Hussain

Screenshot_2016-01-13-06-36-46-1Here are some rules of free style polo
Each team consist of 6 players
Time duration is 1 hour after 30 minutes, its 1st half like football
No polo ponies change
Played on one horse
After score ground sides will chng bcz of wind direction
angle of our polo sticks are almost 70 degree
One amaizng thing is that if any player catch the ball then he run towards goal post either the opponent team player are try to catch u n try tu get the ball n ur players try to defend u which u can see in pics
Player can hook your stick from anywhere

The biggest event of free style polo held in shandour valley where the hieghest polo ground of world is situated.which is almost 12000 ft from see level. Matches played b/w team of gilgit and chitral every year in month of july.The temperature of shandour at night time is almost 8 to 10 C.
Hundred of tourist comes every year to see this amaizng game.
List of some legend players of free style polo
Raji ur Rehmat
Bulbul jan
Ghulam abbas
Muhammad diar
Ahmad khan
Wazir ghulam abbas
Fazal ur rehman
Raja zulfiqar
Aslam khan
Ghandal shah
Walayat khan
Najat ali

List of teenager players
Saddam hussain Raji
Mudassir sifat
Mohsin jamaal
Sher nawaz
Raja muneer anwar
Raja aziz
Raja bhadur wali
Raja waseem
Raja khesro ul mulk
Feroz khan
Zahid ali
Raja gufran

Horses breed
Mostly played on punjabi stallions and halfbreed (mix breed)


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