The Polo de París season came to an end on Sunday after the final of the Championnat de France (6/8 goals) which took place at Bagatelle. The tournament was divided in two groups: París and Chantilly. The final was played between the winners of each pool: Sainte Mesme (París) and French Kiss (Chantilly).

French Kiss started very strongly, scoring the three first goals of the match. But Sainte Mesme wasn´t giving up and net two times at the end of the second chukker to close the gap.

But in the third chukker Brieuc Rigaux increased the difference on the scoreboard and left Sainte Mesme in a complicated situation. At the end, and regardless the efforts made by their rivals, Wahib Geagea’s team got the win and the title avoiding Sainte Mesme being the champion for the fourth time in four years. Final score: French Kiss, 5-4.

BPP: Mojito, played by Robert Str�m.
MVP: Brieuc Rigaux.

French Kiss: Wahib Geagea (0), Gerard Bonvicini (0), Louis Jarrige (2), Brieuc Rigaux (6). Total: 8.
Sainte Mesme: Birger Strom (1), Robert Strom (4), Alexis Pouille de Balcany (2), Lucas Nottin (1). Total: 8.

Score French Kiss: 2-0; 4-2; 5-3; 5-4.

The final of the Coupe de France also took place at Bagattelle (4 goals) where Mochi Chic played Duchesse Anne. The victory went to the latter after a 6-3.5 win. Hervé Bristeau was the MVP of the final.

Score Duchesse Anne: 1 – 0,5; 4- 0.5; 5 – 1,5; 6 – 3,5.

Champions of the 2016 season at Polo de París:
-Tournoi de Printemps: Costa Rica.
-Tournoi de la Ville de Paris: Sainte Mesme.
-Open de Paris: Costa Rica.
-Tournoi d’Automne: Kazak.

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