Giddy Up Gallops Away with a Win in the Finals of the February 6-Goal League

giddyGulfstream Polo Club held its third tournament final of the week on Sunday, March 6, in the form of the February 6-Goal League Finals. Giddy Up Polo stole the show late in the game, defeating Montemar 8-7 in a hard fought battle to the end.

Giddy Up Polo
Terri Campbell (-1)
Jennifer Williams (0)
Marcos Onetto (4)
Cuko Escapite (3)

Hilary Blythe (0)
Horton Schwartz (2)
John Gobin (4)
Ted Brinkmann (0)

John Gobin and Horton Schwartz were a dynamic duo from the first bowl-in, scoring two goals a piece from the field for a total of four goals, compared to the usually high-scoring Marcos Onetto’s one goal. By the looks of the first chukker, Montemar seemed to be a shoe-in for the win until Giddy Up began to develop an eye for Gobin’s slick moves. In the second chukker, both Onetto and Cuko Escapite got one past Gobin, leaving Montemar scoreless in the second chukker but still ahead 4-3.

Giddy Up came into the second half guns blazing, or horses blazing to be more accurate. Mounted to the nines, Onetto and Gobin spun around each other’s mallets time and time again. Giddy Up racked up three goals while Montemar added two to their tally, finally evening up the score. Going into the fourth and final chukker, tension was palpable as players rode onto the field. Gobin scored for Monetmar but a penalty three by Escapite would extend the life of the tension down to the last minute. Onetto scored the winning goal in of the game, ending 8-7.

Best Playing Pony was awarded to Marcos Onetto’s third chukker horse “Mozzarella” who’s speed and handiness wowed the judges. John Gobin was named Most Valuable Player for his valiant effort against Giddy Up.

Giddy Up Gallops Away with a Win in the Finals of the February 6-Goal League

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