goodwinbyindonesia-82-2016-1-101GThe All Asia Cup 2016 has a new semifinalist in Indonesia after the fifth matchdate took place on sunday. Indeed Indonesia, current champions, beat a very tough Brunei team 8-7 � in the best game so far in the tournament. Brunei was leading the match during most of the game, but then the pushing from Indonesia was very important and made a great comeback.

But before this game, Philippines and China opened the journey with many attendants enjoying a great afternoon. The philippines showed that they are a real deal and outscored their rivals 8-2 �. They will define the fourth semifinalist in a great challenge against Brunei.

Activity will resume on monday with the game as follows:
4:30 PM: Indonesia vs China
5:30 PM: Brunei vs Philippines

Indonesia vs Brunei

Philippines vs China

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