HORSES IN PALM BEACH Awarded by the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn.

horsesinpalmbeach-87-2016-4-261GOpen Frenchita and Machitos Jazzita, ridden by Facundo Pieres and Mariano Aguerre, respectively, were honored by the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association, following the final of the US Open, on Sunday April 24.

The Association named Open Frenchita as the Best Playing Pony of the championship game, won by Orchard Hill, while the Best Playing Pony of the 2016 season in Palm Beach went to Machitos Jazzita.

PoloLine spoke to Facundo and Mariano, who told us about their so valuable partners on the field.

Facundo Pieres (Open Frenchita)
I’ve played the Frenchita in the third chukker and the sixth chukker in the final of the US Open. Frenchita is an offspring from Chita (Luna x Sportivo, our great bloodline), a mare my brother Gonzalito played during all his career, I’ve brought Frenchita to Palm Beach last year, and she did very well, she was very close to winning the award. And she worked very well this year, too. She is a fantastic mare, very complete.

Mariano Aguerre (Machitos Jazzita)
Jazzita is the last Machitos Jazz’s offspring – that’s why I named her Jazzita. She proved to be a great mare right from her very first training. Jazzita played her first tournaments in Greenwich last year; there, she won a couple of awards in the 20-goal Monty Waterbury Cup. This has been her first season in Palm Beach, and despite she is still quite a bit new, she got better match after match. Jazzita deserved this award, she is one of the best mares I’ve ever played, even comparable with her mother.

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