Horseware Spring Rugging Guide

Sportz Vibe Horse rugIt’s often hard to decide which rug is right for your horse with changing temperatures, spring showers, sunny days and competitions back in full swing; so we’ve taken our top picks from this season.

First, check out our new Horseware Turnout App, the definitive guide to keeping your horse warm and dry, whatever the weather.

Gathering data from weather forecasts for the coming three days, it makes an intelligent recommendation on which Horseware turnouts will best suit the conditions and your horse.

Our Decoder tells you everything you need to know about Horseware turnouts, our How to Measure guide will help you find the perfect fit for your horse, and ‘Where To Buy’ pinpoints your nearest Horseware stockist.

Here are some of our favourite pieces for your horse’s wardrobe this season:

Leading the industry in fly protection is our Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose. Our Vamoose technology is derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This odourless and invisible repellent is effective against mosquitoes, ants, ticks, flies and midges. Made from a unique patented, durable fabric that is super soft, lightweight and comfortable, while also offering UV protection. The Fly Buster is designed to offer full coverage to your horse. Also available is our Rambo Plus Fly Mask, which has a unique reinforced area around the eyes to prevent rubbing, as well as keeping flies away from the most sensitive of areas.

Perfect for the active athlete is our Sportz-Vibe Rug, a massage therapy blanket for horses. Massage therapy reduces pain, improves blood supply to the tissue and relaxes muscles, eliminates inflammation and improves quality of life.

Sportz Vibe is comfortable, lightweight and portable. Ideal as a warm up or recovery rug, it helps warm up before work and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards. Panels can be used on four parts of the horse: Neck, shoulders, centre back and hind quarters.

Our most versatile and advanced stable sheet yet, is our Rambo Helix Sheet. Advanced fabric construction incorporating the latest in moisture management technology. Super breathable, it dries horses quickly, making it the perfect summer sheet for your horse, as it is a cooler, stable and travel sheet in one. Can be easily embroidered.

Our Rambo Techni- Waffle Cooler was designed to help horses cool off quickly in hotter temperatures. The fabric offers the latest in moisture management technology, while the white fabric helps repel the heat of the sun, keeping your horse comfortable while cooling out, and wicking away moisture effectively. Seconds as a travel or stable sheet.

Your horse’s season essentials would not be complete without a reliable turnout sheet. Made from the strongest and most durable material on the market, the Rambo Original with leg arches is waterproof and breathable 1000D ballistic nylon for the outer, and an anti-static and anti-bacterial lining. Available in two lightweight versions, our 0G turnout sheet version, or with 100G fill.

These spring essentials will keep your horse covered from tip to tail, and ready for whatever the spring and summer season decides to throw you and your horse’s way!

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