HPA New Year Nationals

hpa3 Goal Teams And Draw Announced
A total of seven teams have been announced for the low goal section of the HPA New Year Nationals at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. The teams have been split into two different leagues with the Finals scheduled for Sunday 23 January. The host club have entered three different teams whilst the remaining teams represent Fifield, Moor Hall Farm and Hertfordshire Polo Clubs. The three teams in League 2 are very much a family affair with Max and Heiko Voelker playing alongside Royston Prisk, who was part of the winning 15 goal Polo Times team in the HPA Christmas National Club Championships. The Hertfordshire team consist of Andy Cork and two of his sons Josh and Marcus whilst Phil Meadows has teamed up with his daughter Genevieve and Eric Appen.

The first game of the tournament will be between Adrian Beasley’s RCBPC Los Caballeros and FPC Tchogan on Saturday 9 January. Games will continue over the following week before the Subsidiary Semi Finals of the leagues decided who will take the place in the Final. For a full schedule of teams and games please click here.

HPC Print On Demand, with a slightly different line-up, won the tournament last year against the all women’s side of RCBPC Cool Riders with an impressive score of 18-11. The only team that has entered the same line-up for this year’s competition is Moor Hall Farm, who only managed one win against Vaux Park. However, they will have to get past some new team entries this year, such as Ash Farm Sauwild with Rosie Ross at the helm and one-to-watch George Marsden, who’s handicap of -1 has kept the team conglomerate handicap down to 2. The Final spot really could be anyone’s guess this year.

Photograph: 2015 New Year National Club Championship 3 goal Winners Print On Demand with David Woodd. By Lucy Wilson


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