Hurricane Matthew Halts Polo

East Coast America Braces for Deadly Storm

Polo Clubs and players are joining the pre storm preparation on the East Coast of America as Hurricane Matthew moves on its coastal pathway having ravaged the Caribbean nations. The deadly storm has so far reached wind speeds of 125mph and has claimed at least seven lives after it hit land across Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Although the path of the hurricane has been difficult to predict, the Category 4 storm could hit Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina anytime between Thursday and Saturday.

Grand Champions Polo Club, who are located on the East Coast in Wellington, Florida, have suspended play of the US Trust Cup issuing a notice that all the games scheduled for Friday will be postponed until further notice in order to, “keep our members and players safe”. The Club plans to re-evaluate the situation at the end of the day on Friday. The hurricane could have an impact on a number of other clubs including Port Mayaca and Sunset Polo Club. International Polo Club Palm Beach’s season doesn’t normally open until January, concluding 17 weeks later with the USPA U.S. Open Polo Championship® Finals at the end of April.

Hopefully the storm won’t make landfall and cause too much disruption for the Polo Clubs, players and ponies on the East coast.


Photograph: Hurricane Matthew moving across the Caribbean in the last 24hrs.

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