International polo fun in Ibiza!

copa-mixta-ibiza-award-ceremony-2016Sun, fun and polo: The third edition of the Copa Mixta at Ibiza Polo Club had everything you could wish for! On two days 4 international teams with handicaps of 0-4 goals competed against each other and fought for the trophy. Each team consisted of at least one female player, so that the four participating teams were mixed. The players came from many different countries such as Switzerland, Philippines, Italy, Argentina, Germany, England, New Zealand, Mexico, India, France and Sweden.

The spectators witnessed fast-paced and exciting matches, which were entertainingly commentated by Jan-Erik-Franck, while the sun was shining brightly. The fine weather and the great polo action led to a fantastic atmosphere among spectators and players at Ibiza Polo Club. POLO+10 was present and filmed all matches.

In the final, team ME Ibiza Polo Club, consisting of Barbara Hochulli (0, SUI), Martyn Romualdez (0, PHI), Edoardo Fontana (0, ITA) and Gonzalo Azumendi (5, ARG), faced team Hierbas de Ibiza with Angela Walker (0, ENG), Charles Randquist (0, SWE), Stephane Godier (0, FRA) and Gofredo Cutinelli (4, ITA). After a tough fight, ME Ibiza Polo Club won by 3-2.

In the subsidiary final, which was held before the grand final, team POLO+10 with Francesca Guise (0, NZL), Thomas Wirth (0, GER), Jan-Erik Franck (1, ENG) and Agustin Arestizabal (3, ARG) and team Ibiza Style, including Jacqui Forte (0, ENG), Alfonso Peon (0, MEX), Dipancar Sharma (2, IND) and Julio Rinaldi (2, ARG), fought for the third place. In the end POLO+10 defeated Ibiza Style by 4-2.

The tournament was accompanied by a social programme, including an asado as well as several polo parties wit music and fashion shows. After the grand final the award ceremony was held including all teams. Subsequently a polo party with fashion show and DJ live music was organised for the players to end the tournament mutually.

Saturday, 9th July
POLO+10 vs. Hierbas de Ibiza 3-5
ME Ibiza vs Ibiza Style 6-2

Sunday, 10th July
Subsidiary final:
POLO+10 vs. Ibiza Style 4-2

Grand final
Me Ibiza vs. Hierbas de Ibiza 3-2

#1 ME Ibiza Polo Club Team (5)
Barbara Hochulli (0, SUI)
Martyn Romualdez (0, PHI)
Edoardo Fontana (0, ITA)
Gonzalo Azumendi (5, ARG)

#2 Hierbas de Ibiza (4)
Angela Walker (0, ENG)
Charles Randquist (0, SWE)
Stephane Godier (0, FRA)
Gofredo Cutinelli (4, ITA)

#3 POLO+10 (4)
Francesca Guise (0, NZL)
Thomas Wirth (0, GER)
Jan-Erik Franck (1, ENG)
Agustin Arestizabal (3, ARG)

#4 Ibiza Style (4)
Jacqui Forte (0, ENG)
Alfonso Peon (0, MEX)
Dipancar Sharma (2, IND)
Julio Rinaldi (2, ARG)

About Ibiza Polo Club
Ibiza Polo Club was founded in 2011 and has long since has established itself as an international polo destination. From all over the world polistas come to the Ibiza Polo Club to play polo on this paradisal island. Top players such as Adolfo Cambiaso (hdc 10) – the definite number one on the sport of polo –, the US-American 8-goaler Nic Roldan and Alejandro Novillo Astrada (hdc 8) from Argentina appreciate the relaxed atmosphere at the club and the special spirit of the island.

Tournament schedule 2016 Ibiza Polo Club:

International polo fun in Ibiza!

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