charliehanbury-49-2016-2-241GBy Alejandra Ocampo

Charlie Hanbury is very busy at the moment: He is getting ready for the English high-goal season, which he will play with his team Britannia El Remanso. Before that, he is due to spend a couple of months in Argentina playing practices at El Remanso and taking part in a few autumn tournaments.

In addition to his busy polo schedule on the farm, Charlie is getting ready for a new chapter: He is engaged to be married to girlfriend Yoanna.

Charlie spoke to PoloLine from England; he shares news about his projects and what’s to come in the next few months.

What plans does El Remanso have regarding the upcoming UK season?

All the horses are coming in on March 1, so we are getting ready for that. We have a new team; we are all friends and have played together before, so we are very exctited. We will be playing together in Argentina during March and April before the season in England starts. This will include practices at El Remanso as well as a few tournaments in April.

What’s the team line-up and what are your expectations for the high-goal?

This season the team is called Britannia El Remanso. We have teamed up with British Polo Day and RJI Capital. The team consists of James Harper, James Beim, Ollie Cudmore and myself. We are very excited about the season and are all bringing our best horses from around the world, so we will be as competitive as possible.

In addition to the 22-goal, are there any other tournaments the team is expected to play in UK?

Yes, we will all be playing other levels of polo, mainly in the Cowdray area.

Do you have any plans to play elsewhere after the UK season is over?

I currently have no plans after the Gold Cup, but St. Tropez or Mallorca would be a great idea!

How is the Lovelocks breeding going?

The Lovelocks breed is going great, we have had a successful season. The foals all look fantastic. We are playing the three and four year olds at the Farm. We have some exciting prospects for the future.

How is the El Remanso organisation doing in Argentina and the UK?

We have an incredible team off the field at El Remanso, both in England and Argentina. Without them, we would not be able to do what we do. I believe that is vital for the success of any team or individual.

What is Eduardo Heguy’s role within El Remanso?

It is great to have a man of Ruso’s experience in the team. He has played all over the world and seen some of the best organisations, so we can always learn from him. He knows the team well – he coached them all in the English national team, so that helps a lot.

On a personal note, you are getting married soon! How is the wedding planning going?

Everything is very exciting, there is a lot to plan and organise. Luckily, Yoanna is on the case! We can’t wait to start the next chapter together.

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