Tuesday saw the kick off of a new edition of the Julio Novillo Astrada Jaeger LeCoultre Cup, La Aguada Polo Club’s main tournament. It’s the edition number XIII, and, of course, is taking place at the Novillo Astrada’s club, in Open Door, Buenos Aires.

In this occasion, four 20-goal teams are taking part in the tournament with the participation of the four players of La Aguada Las Monjitas Polo Team, which is playing the Argentine Triple Crown.

The teams:
Las Monjitas: Camilo Bautista 0, Francisco Elizalde 7, Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. 9, Martín Donovan 4. Total: 20
El Milagro: Federico Tomasevich 0, Guillermo Villanueva 5, Santiago Solari 6, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 20
Los Cocos: Rafael Zubillaga 0, Valentín Novillo Astrada 5, Miguel Novillo Astrada 9, Tomás Lalor 6. Total: 20
La Ensenada Escorihuela Gascón: Ernesto Gutiérrez 0, Jerónimo del Carril 5, Benjamin Araya Jr. 6, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8. Total: 19

On the first matchday, played on Tuesday, the scores were as follows:
Las Monjitas 12 vs 11 El Milagro
Los Cocos 8 vs 7 La Ensenada Escorihuela Gascon

Finals are scheduled to be played on Friday, November 25th.

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