Junior HPA Championships Begin

La-Aguada-Buckmaster-team-copy17 Teams Across Buckmaster, Hipwood & Rocksavage
As the English high goal season begins to wind down the focus turns to the future stars of British polo as the Junior HPA Championships begin with fervour. A total of 17 teams have entered the three sections available in the Championships, with the greatest concentration of players in the Hipwood section, which currently sports eight teams in two different leagues. Zacara Manager Robert Thames’ son Freddie, a trio of Hines, England squad players’ progenies Will Harper and Zak Beim, Argentine professional player mini-me’s Segundo Darritchon, Cruz Heguy and Santos Iriarte are just a few of the familiar names on this season’s junior circuits.

Rocksavage is a new addition to the HPA Junior Championships this year, which has four teams of youngsters. The lucky finalists in the Buckmaster section will play their Final at Guards Polo Club as part of the schedule for The Royal Salute Coronation Cup.

All three tournament sections are being hosted by a plethora of top-class clubs and private grounds from Beaufort Polo Club, the home of King Power Foxes Billingbear Park, Black Bears, Cirencester, Westcroft Park, Pangbourne, Les Lions and Guards Polo Club. Below are the results so far, click on the tournament title below to see the full schedule of games and team listings for each section.

Buckmaster (Finals to be played at Guards Polo Club, 23 July)

Longdole Polo defeated Club Surrey Union, 6½-4

Oxford Polo defeated Emlor Juniors, 6-6

La Aguada defeated Oxford Polo, 4-3

Emlor Juniors defeated Surrey Union, 8-5

Hipwood (Finals to be played at Cowdray Park Polo Club, 4 August)

Lutheridge defeated Hurtwood, 8-1½

Northwood defeated Kirtlington, 7-1

Oxford Polo defeated Taunton, 2-0

Rocksavage (Finals to be played at Cowdray Park Polo Club, 3 August)

Oxford Polo defeated Kirtlington, 2½-2

Photograph: La Aguada Buckmaster team ready for their games. By Jilly Emerson


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