Kris-Kampsen-1After being sidelined for the last couple of months 6-goaler Kris Kampsen made his triumphant return to the game as he scored six times in lifting La Indiana (Lucas Arellano, Gonzalo Mendoza, Kris Kampsen and Michael Bickford) to a 10½-7 win over Casablanca (Alex Webb, Grant Ganzi, Juancito Bollini and Martin Estrada) Saturday morning in the Aspen Valley 8-goal at the Grand Champions Polo Club.
The seven goal La Indiana team received one-half goal by handicap, but Kampsen wasted no time in making himself comfortable on the field, scoring the first goal of the game for the early 1½-0 lead. Casablanca’s Juancito Bollini answered back with a goal of his own to make it 1½-1. Lucas Arellano closed out the scoring in the opening chukker to give the lead to La Indiana, 2½-1.
Kampsen and team captain Michael Bickford added penalty goals in the second period of the four chukker match. Casablanca rallied for three goals of their own with Grant Ganzi scoring twice and Juancito Bollini adding another goal. La Indiana continued to lead but Casablanca had cut the lead to one-half goal, 4½-4 to close the first half.
Three more goals from Kampsen and a goal from Arellano had La Indiana on top of an 8½-6 score with Casablanca scoring twice on penalty conversions from Ganzi and Bollini. Casablanca tried to stay in the race, but Kampsen was at his best and the La Indiana offense was having their way with Casablanca.
Gonzalo Mendoza opened the fourth chukker with a goal from the field, 9½-6. Alex Webb countered with his first goal of the game, 9½-7, but the day belonged to La Indiana and Kampsen. Kampsen scored the final goal of the game for the 10½-7 victory.
Kampsen scorched the field with a game-high six goals (three on penalty shots). Arellano added two goals and Mendoza and Bickford each scored once. The team also received one-half goal by handicap. Ganzi and Bollini set the pace for the Casablanca team with three goals apiece. Webb added a goal in the loss.


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