La Campana beat Clearwater 13-11 and captured the 12-goal IX La Aguada Spring Cup, following the finals that took place at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina. This has been the closing competition of the season at the Novillo Astrada family’s club, and was held through December 5 to 10.

In the fifth chukka, Juan José Irastorza filled in for the injured Juan Carlos Harriet within Clearwater.

Mariano Bosch earned MVP honors, and the Fair Play Award went to Camp Campbell.

In other finals, Los Nocheros claimed the Subsidiary I, after defeating Mungo 9-5. Irongate took a 10-8 win over La Aguada and won the Subsidiary II.


LOS NOCHEROS: Sebastian Schneberger 1, Segundo Saravi 0, Valentin Novillo Astrada 5, Tomás Lalor 6. Total: 12

LA AGUADA: Carlos Menéndez Behety Jr. 0, Manuel Novillo Astrada 0, Miguel Novillo Astrada 9, Carlos Menéndez Behety 2. Total: 11

CLEARWATER: Camp Campbell 1, Gonzalo Teves 4, Juan Carlos Harriet 5, Chip Campbell 2. Total: 12

IRONGATE: James Scott Hopkins 0, Charly Holly 2, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Cruz Novillo Astrada 2. Total: 12

LA CAMPANA: Lucas Bosch 1, Mariano Bosch 0, Juan Pedro Harriet 4, Juan Manuel Harriet 3. Total: 8
Total: 10

MUNGO: Patrick Einsenchteter 1, Diego Bosch 1, Brieuc Rigaux 6, Ernesto Trotz Jr. 4. Total: 12

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