The last tournament of the German Polo Tour, the renowned series of tournaments comprised of six stages in different cities: Munich, Hamburg, Gut Aspern, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt and this one, Berlin. The series kicked off this year with the Bucherer Polo Cup in Frankfurt on the last days of May, and continued onto September 25th, where it finished with the victory of team Land Rover in the German capital.
The Berlin stage takes place on the historic grounds of the Hoppegarten, the traditional Berliner hippodrome, dated from 1868, when the first race took place there with Kaiser Wilhelm I and then Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck as guests of honor. For more than 145 years, this has been one of the top venues in Germany for horse racing.
The tournament took place from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th on this last stage of the first German Polo League. The shirts were presented on the “;;Argentinian Polo Night” hosted by the Argentinian Ambassador in Berlin Luis María Kreckler and his wife, Natalia Lloret de Kreckler, on the Ambassador’s residency located in the west of the city.
The tournament had a total of four teams that played six games through the three days of duration.
Results were as follow:

Friday 23rd:
Bucherer 8 – Lanson 3,5
Land Rover 6 – Polo+10 5,5

Saturday 24th:
Bucherer 4 – Polo+10 6,5
Land Rover 4 – Lanson 2,5

Sunday 25th:
Polo+10 6 – Lanson 1,5
Land Rover 6 – Bucherer 4

The MVP of the tournament was Santiago Marambio, and the BPP his horse Regalito.

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