polochallenge-89-2016-3-131GLos Establos have experienced a renaissance, bolstered mostly by their horse lists reaching full potential. They are now however in a new league so to speak and became one of the principle obstacles to any team wishing to make it through to the semi-finals.

The game pitted the Toccalino brothers against each other once again, and they notched up 9 goals between them. Cubi scored 6 of those while his teammates scored 4. Samanes, a team that always spreads out its goal attribution, fought back to reach 9 to Los Establos 11, but they were unable to achieve the dominance they were previously used to.

Meanwhile, La Carbuccia and Agualinda played a tight match at Lechuza Caracas RD. Following a very close contest, La Carbuccia won 6-5. Juan José Brané was named MVP.

Los Samanes will face Lechuza in the semis next week while Los Establos play Cinque Terre.

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