Lipocast Biotech UK Heads to Argentina

Capital of Polo to Host Lipogems Veterinary Demonstration

Leading UK Lipogems vet Murray Shotter will be flying out to Argentina with the company’s CEO Martin ffrench Blake to present the latest revelation in veterinary treatments from Lipocast Biotech UK. Murray is working with one of Argentina’s leading vets Marcello Sperati alongside Marcos Araya, who have arranged for four polo ponies from a variety of top players to be treated at the training day, which will take place in Pilar during the last week of November. Leading vets from both polo and racing along with the world’s top players, the veterinary university and leading surgeons have been invited to attend the day of live practical demonstrations on the Lipogems procedure and discussions.

The procedures are a new technique for harvesting and administering regenerative cells into damaged tissues. Whilst stem cell therapies have been around for a while, they have in traditional applications, not had great results and the costs had remained high. The use of filtered adipose tissue in the Lipogems technique has revolutionised the recovery time, potency of viable cells and therefore overall success and recovery of the ponies treated. Lipogems sees a 95% success rate. For more information about this technique or where you can find a Lipogems vet click here. Lipogems were also featured in our August issue of Polo Times, click here to order a back issue.


Photograph: Lipogems is galloping around the globe with new vets being trained. By Martin ffrench Blake


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