Action at the Lovelocks Polo Stud Cup continued on a busy Tuesday, that featured three games, in Lobos.

In the opening match, Puesto Viejo, with Ollie Cork filling in for Germán Cobos, beat Yabba Dabba Doo by a 9-8 score. The teams within this league, that includes La Bien Mirada and El Carmen, have all a 1-1 record.

Next up, Oakhanger Parl (who received one goal on handicap) took a 9-7 win over Purity Vodka. The winners remained in the lead throghout the whole match, but Purity Vodka managed to tie in the last chukker. However, Oakhanger Park made a comeback and scored two goals in the last minutes of play.

Last but not least, Emlor battled back a 0-4 and defeated La Alegria 11-9, in the last chukker. Ollie Cork played his second match, with Emlor. Heirinch Dumrath replaced Agustín Kronhaus in La Alegria.

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