montecarloandsezzcelebratestheipcinsainttropez-42-2016-7-171GThe 2016 edition of the traditional International Polo Cup came to an end today at Saint Tropez Polo Club. Teams played 10 days of non-stop action for the 10 & 15 goal tournaments. The event also saw a celebration of Sunday Polo.

The day kicked off with a round robin for each category to define the third, fourth and fifth place. The 15-goal match was the opening game with the lineups of Antelope, VT Wealth Management and F Polo Team on field 3. Pull Love and Monte Carlo had already qualified for the final. The results were as follows:
Third place: VT Wealth Management
Fourth place: F Polo Team
Fifth place: Antelope.

On the other side, the 10 goal tournament ended on field 4 with the following positions:
Third place: Dark Ice/Lions
Fourth place: Cavok
Fifth place: Antelope.
Sezz and St.Tropez faced each other in the final.

The first final saw Pull Love vs Monte Carlo on the main field. The game was tied at 2-all at the end of first chukker, but Monte Carlo soon took the advantage. At the end of the match Rommy Gianni’s foursome were almost unreachable and won the game by 6 to 4.

Score Monte Carlo: 2-2, 3-2, 3-2, 5-2, 6-4.
MVP: Ignacio Kennedy – Monte Carlo.
BPP: Tehuelche, played by Darío Musso.
Fair Play Award: Andrea Moretti – Pull Love.

The second final round saw Sezz and St.Tropez Polo with half goal handicap advantage for Shahe Kalaidjian’s team. Corinne Schuler’s foursone, with Jota Chavanne replacing Clement Delfosse, had a great start and lead the game in the first periods, but Sezz reacted quickly and managed to take the leade by 4.5 goals to 4. St. Tropez missed a last minute penalty shot and Sezz claimed the victory.

Score Sezz: (0.5-0) 0.5-0, 1.5-2, 2.5-4, 4.5-4.
MVP: Marcelo Amadeo y Videla – Sezz.
BPP: Camilo, played by Marcelo Amadeo y Videla.
Premio Fair Play: Corinne Schuler – St. Tropez Polo Team.

The celebrations of the Sunday Polo started after the prize giving with a dinner at Polo 1999 and live music at the White Polo Party. It was a perfect summer night at the Club in the Cote D’ Azur. Next stop: Polo Masters / Open de Gassin.

Final, Monte Carlo vs Pull Love

Final, Sezz vs Saint Tropez Polo Team

Awards & Celebrations (IPC 15)

Awards & Celebrations (IPC 10)

Socials & Around the Field

Round Robin IPC 10

Round Robin IPC 15

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