Monty Waterbury Cup Game 4

WhiteBirch_MontyWaterburyCup2015Father against Son, White Birch doubles up Beluga in handy victory. It was a big day for 15 year old Santino Magrini (1) who scored 4 goals for White Birch, the most of any player from both sides. The brothers Ulloa, Hillario (9) and Salva (7), battled it out for the first time this season both sporting the number 2 jersey and both scoring 2 goals. Peter Brant (1) scored 3 goals while Chris Brant (0) scored 1. White Birch moves to 2-0 tying Goose Creek for first place, they face off Sunday at 3pm.

White Birch 20
Santino Magrini (1)
Hilario Ulloa (9)
Mariano Aguerre (9)
Peter Brant (1)


Beluga 18
Chris Brant (0)
Salva Ulloa (7)
Naco Taverna (6)
Tommy Biddle (5)

Final Score: White Birch 12 – Beluga 6

Sunday June 12th

Postage Stamp (0-1) vs Airstream (0-1)


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