Monty Waterbury Cup

Mariano-Aguerre-White-Birch-2Peter Brant’s White Birch defeats Maureen Brennan’s Goose Creek in a tight Monty Waterbury Cup Final. Hilario Ulloa Lead his team with 8 goals. He scored the winning goal in the last 2 minutes of the 6th chukker on His Best Playing Pony, 6 year old Chestnut mare, Karen. Tomas Garcia del Rio earned

Final Score: White birch 11 – Goose Creek 9

BPP: Karen owned and played by Hilario Ulloa

MVP for his team and fought hard scoring 4 goals, Mariano Gonzalez scored 5.


White Birch 20
Santino Magrini (1)
Hilario Ulloa (9)
Mariano Aguerre (9)
Peter Brant (1)

Goose Creek 20
Maureen Brennan (1)
Marcos Garcia del Rio (4)
Tomas Garcia del Rio (8)
Mariano Gonzalez (7)

Thursday, June 23rd

Subsidiary Round Robin

10am – Airstream vs Postage Stamp vs Beluga

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