New Hat Rule for 2018

HPA-LogoHPA Safety Advisory Panel Helmet Rule Update

Following a comprehensive review the HPA Stewards have approved a future amendment to the rules for Protective Equipment (Rule 2.3b of the 2016 HPA’s Rules and Regulations) that, from 1st January 2018, all players shall wear a helmet that is Kite Marked and certified to PAS 015:2011 standard as a minimum.

All polo helmet manufacturers that the HPA is aware of have been notified and this extended timeframe is to allow manufacturers to develop a helmet that meets this standard. After 1st January 2018, the use of helmets that do not meet or exceed the above standard will not be permitted for any HPA member playing polo in the UK or Ireland.

David Woodd, HPA Chief Executive, said, “We have reviewed again safety standard s in polo and this new rule will align with those already in place for all other equestrian disciplines which cannot be ignored. The HPA has a duty to protect the safety of its members and to reduce the risk of even just one head injury.”

The HPA will continue to review all aspects of safety in polo through the HPA Safety Advisory Panel (SAP) which was established in December 2015 to review and make recommendations to promote overall safety in polo, as well as promote education and research into the short and long term effects of injuries and concussion in sport.

Before 1st January 2018, the HPA recommendation is that all players wear Kite Marked helmets that do meet the PAS 015:2011 standard, which is already compulsory for Pony Club players.

Photograph: The HPA have brought in a new rule for hat safety

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