thepolomastersopendegsssinkickedoffwithfourgames-63-2016-7-211GThe intense activity in the Cote D’Azur continues now with the Polo Masters Open the Gassin that kicked off today at Polo Club Saint Tropez with 2 games in each category: 10 and 15 goals.

VT Wealth Management and La Concepcion played the opening game of the 10 goals Tourament. VT with Thomas and Sacha Fedier, father and son in the same lineup, against the newcomers La Concepcion, who achieved a debut win in a thrilling game by 8 to 7.5.

Score La Concepción: (0-1.5) 3-5.5, 5-5.5, 6-7.5, 8-7.5.

The next turn saw a classic game, Sezz against St.Tropez Polo with 0.5 goals in advantage for Kalaidjians’ team. Corinne Schuler’s team counted with Charles de St Martin and Tete Storni in the lineup replacing Mrs Schuler and Clement Delfosse. A very solid Sezz dominated the entire game and won 7.5 over 6.

Score Sezz: (0.5-0) 4.5-1, 4.5-2, 7.5-4, 7.5-6.

The 15 goals version opened fire on field 4 with F Polo Team and the debut of Habtoor Polo. A very atactive game to see. With a last minute penalty shot, F Polo claimed won over the arabian team with a tight 10-9.

Score F Polo: 2-1, 4-1, 6-4, 9-6, 10-9..

The last game of the day was played by Power Infraestructure and Composite Works. The teams arrived to halftime with almost no goals. By the end of chukker five, a corner of Pablo Jauretche sealed a debut victory for Power Infraestructure.

Score Power Infrastructure: 1-1, 1-1, 2-3, 5-5, 6-5.

The activity of the Polo Masters wil resume tomorrow with the 10 goals category with the following two games:

5.30pm, Amanara/Sagax vs Antelope.
6.30pm, VAS vs Berlin Polo Club.

La Concepcion vs. VT Wealth

Sezz vs. St. Tropez

Habtoor vs. F

Power I. vs. Composite Works

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