thenewsfortheupcomingargentineopen-24-2016-6-221GThere is news regarding the upcoming Argentine Polo Open Championship at Palermo, the most important tournament in the world. Eight teams will be playing as usual, but the tournament will last longer, with one more weekend of play added.

Moreover, Palermo will be played in a similar style to the US Open, with quarter finals and semifinals.

So, how will Palermo be disputed in 2016? Let’s take a quick look:

– League winners will go through to semifinals.
– Two league winners will play against the winners of the quarter finals. These will be held on weekdays (fifth and sixth matchdates).The quarter finals will be cross-played with the second and third of each league.
– This change will make the Open longer, as it will feature one more weekend of play.
– The six best positioned teams will play the 2017 Argentine Open, regardless of their handicap. The two last teams will be relegated from the Open and have to qualify for the following year.

PoloLine will have more information regarding the upcoming changes soon.

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