meetingattheargentinepoloassociation-73-2016-6-281GThe most important polo media, including PoloLine, were invited to a press conference at the Argentine Polo Association, for an official announcement regarding changes to the Argentine Open.

The most important Association directors attended: President, Mr. Francisco Dorignac; Vice President, Mr. Juan Badiola; CEO, Mr. Ignacio Manifesto; and Treasurer, Mr. Hernán Agote.

They announced the way in which the most important polo tournament of the world is to be played. The Argentine Open will feature eight teams, as is usual, and there will be quarter finals and semifinals. League winners will go through to the semifinals, while quarter finals will be cross-played between the second and third teams of each league. Therefore, the Open will last longer, with three more matchdates. The league deciders will be played on weekdays (Tuesday and Wednesday), while quarter finals and semifinals will take place on weekends.

Francisco Dorignac and Juan Badiola told the media about the regular meetings had with the players to discuss these changes.

In addition to the fixture and the syle of play, it was announced that the six best positioned teams will play the 2017 Triple Crown, regardless of handicap or the team name, with the condition that they must maintain 75% of their original lineup.

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