The official launch of the third edition of the Thai Polo Cup Argentina took place on Monday at La Martina’s Flagship Store, in Buenos Aires. The tournament will kick off on Tuesday, November 1st and will come to an end on Friday, November 11th on a very special journey. Harald Link, founder and director of the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, was present at the event as well as Manuel Cereceda, polo manager of the club, players of each of the participating teams and many special guests.

The Thai Polo Cup Argentina has grown very strongly since its first edition (2014). On that occasion, 6 teams took part in the tournament, while 2015 saw a total of 10 and the present season will have 16. Undoubtedly, one of the most important tournaments of the Argentine Spring Season.

The tournament will take place at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pilar. The order of play for the first matchday will be the following:
10am: Cibao La Pampa vs La Bien Mirada
10am: Mumbai vs Power Infrastructure
12.30pm: Thai Polo vs Los Cocos
12.30pm: Tigres Invernada vs Amadeus
1.30pm: Sonny Hill vs Las Codornices
4.30pm: Los Nocheros vs Amanara
4.30pm: Power Horse vs Sealink
5.30pm: La Ensenada vs El Pegual Cabreuva

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