Open de France Paprec

Open de France Paprec
Last week for a thrilling Open!

No way, one week from the outcome, to guess who the finalists of the Open de France Paprec 2016 will be. Therefore, we’ll have to wait until the last day of this “championship”, on Friday, to have certitudes.

One thing is certain, though, the six first encounters have delivered a top-level, quicker polo game than the previous years. The opening game, on Sunday September 4th, was already a final as we can expect, between the 100% French team Sainte-Mesme and the Swiss-Argentine formation Marquard Media. An encounter played with an additional period and concluded at the expense of the French

Fortunately, they have quickly redressed the situation defeating Great-Britain EFG Aravali and their young prodigy Max Charlton (9/7),then winning against Hungaria (10-6) on Sunday evening. Sainte-Mesme will then have a determinant game late Wednesday against Mochi Chic Polo Team, still undefeated since the beginning of the tournament. Their easy victory against Marquard Media last Sunday (11-6) made them the favorite team of this 2016 edition, but it’s only on the paper, as we know in Polo, nothing is certain. Although it’s true that the association, very physical, of the Argentine handicap 7, Dario Musso, and France handicap 5 Pierre Henri Ngoumou, is quite impressive! Wednesday game should … move!

If these three teams are in good position to dream about the title, or at least the final, Great Britain EFG Aravali has not said its last word: they should logically beat the young French team Hungaria, promising for its first time at this level, and the game they will defend on Friday against Marquard Media could truly look like a knock-out semi-final.

In short, two thrilling games until Sunday, for us to expect an amazing final as we throw back to all the ones played since the beginning of the month at the Ferme d’Apremont. An enriched encounter for the public with numerous animations (equestrian disciplines parade, exhibitors village, initiation for kids on wooden horse, kid games, picnic areas, and Argentinian restauration), not to mention the Ladies French Open finale, whose kick-off is today, with four teams, all foreign, even if we will see one of the best lady player, French above all, of the world, Caroline Anier.

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