opendepariskickedoffwith3matches-67-2016-6-121GWINS TO LA CONCEPCION, COSTA RICA AND RED FALCON

The 122° Open de Paris kicked off on Saturday with 6 teams: COSTA RICA, SAINTE MESME, CUISINE ATTITUDE, RED FALCON, LA CONCEPCION POLO and SEZZ.

La Concepcion Polo opened the tournament in a match against one of the favourites: Sainte Mesme. La Concepcion won the match 7-3.

In the match between Cuisine Attitude and Red Falcon, the latter dominated the game. A great defense and an effective attack lead them to a 6-2 win.

Costa Rica and Sezz closed the day. It was an attractive game and very enjoyable to watch. Costa Rica prevailed and claimed the 10-7 win.

The Open de Paris will resume on Sunday as follows:
11am: Sezz vs Sainte Mesme, at Sainte Mesme.
2pm: Red Falcon vs Costa Rica.
3.30pm: La Concepcion Polo vs Cuisine Attitude.

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