Palm City Polo 2016 Season Opener This Weekend

019785Palm City Polo Club has announced its winter through spring 2016 tournament schedule. The opening event is the Palm City Gold Coast Classic on January 9.

“We’re looking forward to action packed and fun-filled tournament,” said Joey Casey, owner of Palm City Polo Club, one of the most experienced American players and horsemen in the sport. “Spectators as well as the players will enjoy this thrilling competitive season.”

This year’s tournament schedule is:

January 9 – 31
Palm City Gold Coast Classic (0-4)
Palm City Gold Coast Classic (6-10)
February 5 – 28
Palm City Challenge Cup (0-4)
Palm City Challenge Cup (6-10
March 4 – 27

Palm City Sun Cup (0-4)
Palm City Sun Cup (6-10)
April 2 – 24

Palm City Spring Classic (0-4)
Palm City Spring Classic (6-10)
May 6 – 29

Palm City Trust Cup (0-4)
Palm City Trust Cup (6-10)
June 3 – 26 Palm City Turf Classic (0-4)
Palm City Turf Classic (6-10)

Dates will be announced for three exciting USPA competitions, in addition to several other tournaments at Palm City Polo Club, including:

USPA Regional President’s Cup (4-8)
USPA Association Cup (4-8)
USPA Amateur Cup (0-4*)
* No one above 2 goals can play
PTF Seniors Tournament
WCT Qualifiers (outdoor and arena)

Palm City Polo Club also offers riding clinics, polo lessons and practice, and tournaments.

“Anyone interested in polo is welcome,” said Casey. “Whether you want to compete, take lessons, or just watch a game, the Palm City Polo Club will meet the needs of any fan of polo.”

A former 7-goal player with more than 28 years of professional polo experience, he has played in numerous U.S. Open Polo Championships. His career highlights include: six-time winner of the Sunshine League Championship (26 goal); four-time winner of the International Gold Cup Championship (26 goal); three-time winner of the C.V. Whitney Cup (26 goal), and the USPA Gold Cup (26 goal) and the Westchester Cup (26 goal). He twice won the Sunshine League Championship (20 goal) and won the 3 de Febrero Handicap (0-40) Open in Argentina.

Other prestigious tournaments he won include: the Pacific Coast Open (20 goal); the Canadian Open (20 goal), and the International Cup (18 goal). He is an 11-time winner of the Hartman League Championship (12-14 goal) and numerous Kaycolee Tournament Championships (10 goal).

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