penaltyshootoutinsotogrande-98-2016-8-91GBy Gonzalo Etcheverry

A penalty shootout between Dubai, Brunei and Ayala will take place on Wednesday, to determine the championship match of the high goal Casa de Campo Silver Cup. The final of the first competitiom of thr 45 Indi International Polo Tournament, hosted by Santa María Polo Club, will be played on Friday.
The penalty shootout is due at Ayala Polo Club, at 11am.

Brunei played a perfect game to take an impressive 14-9 win over Lechuza Caracas. Pablo MacDonough was Brunei’s leading man, MVP and top scorer (he produced eight goals).
Following a very close first chukkers, Brunei dominated the second half, with MacDonough in top form, and very well supported by David Stirling, Josh Cork and Bahar Jeffri. Their strong dominance made things quite difficult for Victor Vargas’ foursome, who couldn’t do that much to avoid Brunei’s victory.

Score Brunei: 1-1, 3-2, 6-4, 9-5, 12-6, 14-9

Meanwhile, Dubai lost their unbeaten status to Ayala, who defeated them 15-10. The result ended up with both teams tied in points.
Iñigo Zobel’s foursome displayed some great polo in their best game of the season so far, commanded by the always awesome skills of Facundo Pieres. Ayala team members fit to perfection, in order to win the match and cut adolfo Cambiaso’s record of 25 consecutive wins in Sotogrande (he didn’t lose a match in two years).
Zobel was the game’s MVP and scored four goals.

Score Ayala: 1-2,� 2-3, 4-6, 8-6, 12-9, 15-10

The Maserati Bronze Cup will be held om Thursday August 11. Lechuza is already in the final and their rival will emerge after Wednesday shootout.

Ayala vs. Dubai

Brunei vs. Lechuza Caracas


Casa de Campo Silver Cup (high goal)


The medium goal Aerolíneas Argentinas Silver Cup will also need a penalty shootout, on Wednesday at 11am, to determine who will play in semifinals against Seven Sevens and Brunei.
Sainte Mesme defeated Emerging / FCT 15-7 and will meet Golden Goose Deluxe Brand in the shootout. The winner will go through the semifinals, while the looser will have another opportunity in another shootout against Kazak.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Silver Cup (medium goal)

Tuesday, August 8


The semifinals of the low goal 1892 Isolas Silver Cup will be held on Wednesday August 11. The schedule is the following:

11am: Jolly Rogers vs. La Clarita
12,15: Sotovila vs. Lechuza John Smith

The Subsidiary semifinals are due simultaneously: El Campito vs. Valdeeparras and Bayswater vs Chester Race Course.

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