Pictures: POLO+10 in Mongolia!

At the end of August, POLO+10 went to Mongolia for the 10th Genghis Khan Polo Cup at Genghis Khan Polo & Riding Club as part of the POLO+10 World Tour. See below for the best pictures and most memorable impressions of the tournament!

Take the chance to get to know this extraordinary country and join our next tournament in Mongolia from 26 June to 2 July 2017 at Genghis Khan Polo & Riding Club!

Contact: Thomas Wirth

Further information about the POLO+10 World Tour:

Pictures, pictures, pictures

The following links lead to our galleries on Facebook which can also be looked at without a Facebook account:

→ POLO+10 in Mongolia 2016, Part I

→ POLO+10 in Mongolia 2016, Part II

About Genghis Khan Polo Club
In 1996 the Genghis Khan Polo Club was founded in the Orkhon valley, which is located 360 kilometres in the west of Ulan Bator – today the club is the centre of polo in Mongolia. Each year the club trains 40-50 children from Nomadic families in summer polo camps. The Genghis Khan Polo Cup is the biggest and most important tournament in Mongolia.

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