activitycontinuesinflorida-92-2016-2-181GPolo never stops at Grand Champions, even though the rain is always around. During the last weekend the following games for three different tournaments took place:

Halo Polo Trophy (6 goals):
Grand Champions 2.5 vs Polo School 2
Smithfield 7 vs Escue/Tanakhanda 2.5
Grand Champions 6 vs Escue/Tanakhanda 4

Santa Rita Abierto (8 goals):
Travieso 12 vs Odosan/Polo Logistics 4

The Sieber Memorial (12 goals):
Altair 13 vs Newport 13-12
Dutta Corp 7 vs High Ground/GSA 5
La Herradura 11 vs Whitehall Ranch 7
Palm Beach Polo 8 vs Skeneateles 6
Flexjet 9 vs SD Farms 8
Travieso 10 vs Valiente 9

Polo in Grand Champions will resume on friday with the matches as follows:

Friday 19:
Halo Polo Trophy (6 goals):
1pm: Horseware vs Sea Cap (Postponed from 17/02)
The Sieber Memorial (12 goals):
3pm: Skeneateles vs Whitehall Ranch
3pm: Valiente vs High Ground/GSA

Saturday, February 20:
Santa Rita Abierto (8 goals):
10am: Newport vs Odosan/PoloLogistics
3pm: Travieso vs Smithfield (Postponed from 18/02)
The Sieber Memorial (12 goals):
11am: Mt Brilliant/Faraway vs Pony Express

Sunday, February 21:
The Sieber Memorial (12 goals):
10am: Palm Beach Polo vs La Herradura
10am: Goose Creek vs SD Farms
12pm: Flexjet vs Palm Beach Equine
Halo Polo Trophy (6 goals):
12pm: Smithfield vs Grand Champions
1:30pm: Polo School vs Escue /Tanakhanda

Valiente vs Travieso

Dutta Corp vs High Ground

Flexjet vs SD Farms

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