manygamesinwellington-53-2016-3-11GThe following games were played last week at Grand Champions:

USPA 12 goal Sieber Memorial Cup
Mon 22 Pony Express 7 vs Altair 5
Wed 24 Mt Brilliant/Faraway 8 vs Altair 7
Goose Creek 6 vs Flexjet 6 (stopped in the fifth chukker, resume on Wed 2)
Sat 27 Valiente 7 vs Dutta Corp 5
Palm Beach Equine 11 vs Goose Creek 7
Sun 28 Skaneateles 8 vs La Herradura 6
Newport 14 vs Pony Express 13
Palm Beach Polo 10 vs Whitehall Ranch 9

Santa Rita Memorial 8-Goal
Sat 27 Travieso 12 vs Newport 7
Odosan/Polo logistics 9 vs Smithfield 8

Halo Polo Trophy 6 Goal
Mon 22 Sea Cap 5 vs Valiente 4
Horseware 7 vs Silver Spring Management/Stage Hill 0
Sun 28 Polo School 6 vs Smithfield 4.5

Activity at Grand Champions will continue as follows:

USPA 12 goal Sieber Memorial Cup
Mon 29 1pm Dutta Corp vs Travieso
Tue 1 10am High Ground /GSA VS Travieso
11am Newport vs MTBrilliant /Faraway Polo
1pm SDFarms vs PBE
Wed 2 3.30pm Flexjet vs Goosecreek last 2 chukkers score 6-6

Santa Rita Memorial 8-Goal
Wed 2 3.30pm Newport vs Smithfield

Halo Polo Trophy 6 Goal
Mon 29 4pm Sea Cap vs Silver Spring Management
Tue 1 3pm Valiente vs Silver Spring Management
Thu 3 3pm Valiente vs Horseware

Skaneateles vs. La Herradura

Travieso vs. Newport

Dutta vs. Valiente

Gosse Creek vs. PB Equine


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