winstocinqueandlosestablos-33-2016-3-61GLa Carbuccia 7 vs Cinque Terre 8

A close game between two very evenly pitched teams – Cinque Terre now being almost the second favourite for the Gold Cup and the team to beat, versus La Carbuccia.

La Carbuccia started well with a one goal handicap lead and a quick goal from Brané; but Nacho Novillo-Astrada quickly leveled up with two of his own. Novillo Astrada and Donovan exchanged goals in the second half but in the third chukka Cinque Terra crept ahead with goals from Bassoni and James. James was named MVP as he went on to score once again after half time and the last goal of the game in the sixth. Brané and Donovan had each scored one at the end of the fifth to put their team within two goals of their opponents. Zorilla also managed a goal in the last but it was thanks to James’ goal that Cinque finally overcame La Carbuccia 8 goals to 7.

Los Establos 10 vs Pitirri 8

This was the first win of the tournament for Los Establos. Pitirri’s Gerardo Collardín was named MVP of the match.


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