Fairplay Farm, owned by Esther Kane, in Houston, Texas, hosted a penalty clinic led by Professor Eduardo Amaya on November 5 and 6. The clinic covered different theories and highlighted the importance of penalties for a team victory.

The clinic also focused on the importance of different mental factors that come into play during penalty-taking; these factors are especially prominent when the game is entering its last stages or when the score is tied or at a disadvantage.

The focus was on the technical aspect of the swing, and the three stages of the strike: direction, distance and timing. Each participant took a series of penalties from different distances and approaching the ball at different speeds with the objective of finding the right timing. Bad habits were eliminated and new techniques were learnt, with the aim of reaching the goal in the simplest way possible.

Towards the end of the clinic, each participant was filmed striking the ball from a front and side view. The swing was analysed and positive steps were taken to correct any errors.

It is the wish of many to have the chance to take part in such a clinic that undoubtedly improves your game. Thank you to all the participants who joined us and made this event a success.

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