Polo & Country Fair 2016: Great success

The third Polo & Country Fair was played in Holland with 4 teams and four very exiting matches determined in the last minute by golden goals and half points. After a very rainy edition last year the tournament was blessed this year with perfect weather conditions which resulted in a smooth and fast field. Ignacio Fernandez Llorente, the go-pro-umpire, directed the matches strict and clear and the players are looking forward to the video’s from his camera onPOLO IN.

Players from Holland, Germany and Argentina played some very even and exiting matches. Next to the polo field in the Country Fair the visitors had some additional entertainment with a wooden horse, rides for children, birds, cars and watches.
Main sponsor Rabobank was very happy to catch the title this year. The team of Nederland.FM lost the final surprisingly for the second time and have to make up to their promise next year.

#1 Rabobank (3)

Brenda de Boer (0)
Armand van Eeken (0)
Maarten Hulsman (0)
Juan Medina (3)


2 Nederland.FM (4)
Aki van Andel (2)
Maurice van Druten (1)
Manuel Diaz de Vivar (2)
Tajana Bersma (-1)

#3 Landrover (2)
Dominique Buck (-1)
Mellius Klijnstra (0)
Junior Beyleveldt (0)
Hector Monserrat (3)

#4 Covebo (2)

Mathieu van Delden (0)
Matu van Delden (-1)
Santiago Shanahan (3)
Erwin Schroevers (0)


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