copasampachokickedoff-47-2016-2-11GFinally, and after a couple of rainy days, a new edition of the Sampacho Cup kicked off. The venue in which the cup is taking place is the Estancia El Tala, in Córdoba, Argentina. Ten teams of up to 10 goals are taking part in the tournament.

Sunday was the kick off day for the matches that should have been played on friday. The order of play and scores for the first matchdate were as follows:
Pulenta Estate 10 -Hacienda del Plata 6
Tarjeta Grupar 6 – El Tala 4
Magui Express 7 – El Productor 6

But there was also a time for the kids. The Blue Team (Bautista Sabina, Sebastián Marzari, Juan Cruz Guiñazú and Franz Spuergin) faced the Green Team (Tomás Ribero, Facundo Ferrer, Hilario Giménez and Félix Von Rennenkampf), with a 7-0 victory for the blues. Of course the final score was only for the statistics.

Activity for the Sampacho Cup will resume on Monday with the following games:
Hacienda del Plata vs Tarjeta Grupar
Magui Express vs Pulenta Estate
El Tala vs El Productor


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