Bad weather conditions delayed the start of the season in Madrid, but the opening tournament will now kick off on Friday at the Spanish capital. The Campeonato de España Absoluto will feature 5 teams and will be held at the Club Puerta de Hierro.

The matches of Valdeparras vs R. C. P. H. and Marqués de Riscal vs. Cibao La Pampa will open the tournament at 6pm and 7.30pm, respectively.

The highlight of the season with be the Polo Party on Friday, June 17. A Black Tie Dinner will be held for the teams playing the Copa Aznar.

Participating teams: Campeonato de España Absoluto:

CIBAO LA PAMPA: Luis Iglesias 0, Juan Pepa 2, Patricio Cieza 5, Jorge Pepa 1. Total: 8.

R. C. PUERTA DE HIERRO: Alfonso Castillo 0, Alberto Comenge 0, Luis Domecq 3, Hugo Iturraspe 4. Total: 7.

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL: Alejandro Aznar 1, Pedro Soria 5, Luis Aznar 0, José M Trénor 2. Total: 8.

SANTA QUITERIA: José Manuel Entrecanales 1, José Entrecanales 2, Pelayo Berazadi 4, Daniel Entrecanales 0. Total: 8.

VALDEPARRAS: Jaime E. de los Monteros 1, Guillermo Li 4, Carlos Piñal 1, Vicente Prado 2. Total: 8.


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