Polo Masters Megève 2016

bmw-polo-masters-megeve-2015-actionFrom 21-24 January 2016, the Polo Masters Megève will return for the 21st edition of the renowned event, taking place at the heart of Megève. The 6/8 goals tournament level will witness 6 teams of 3 players battling it out against each other for 3 days of competition in the hope of winning the celebrated Megève trophy, crafted by the sculptor Pierre Margara. The event will be the one and only opportunity to see snow polo in France in 2016.

The legendary team led by Laurent Dassault (0) with his loyal players Matthieu Delfosse (4) and Patrick Paillol (4), winners of the 20th edition Megève Polo Masters in 2015, will be trying to defend their title to add a new victory to their already illustrious history under the colours of Fer à Cheval. The Delfosse brothers, Matthieu (4) and Clément (5), will once again be playing against each other.

For this new 2016 edition, two English teams are crossing the Channel for the first time to participate in this tournament on snow. Both of the teams are led by women, the young Freya Olivia Dawson (0) will be playing under the colours of Cafe Woody and Charlotte Christidoulou (0) alongside Raffa Singh (1) will be playing for Megeve.

Among the loyal teams in this tournament the Costes family returns with a duel between father and son: Cyrille Costes (0) will play for team Fermes de Marie and Louis Costes (0) for team Ice Watch. Louis will succeed his brother Edouard who was the family’s team captain in 2015. These two teams will ride with two of the best French players Brieuc Rigaux (5) alongside Louis Costes and Clément Delfosse (5) alongside Cyrille.

The Sztarkman family will not be left on the sidelines, with Alexandre (1), a regular at the Megève tournament and winner of the 2014 edition, with his son Sam (0) at his flanks and the professional Argentinian player Dario Musso (7); a subtle alliance between the youngest player in the tournament with the player with the highest handicap.

The event will also include a Kids Polo demonstration match with children and their Shetlands.

BBQs, griddles and braseros (outdoor heaters) will be set-up at the heart of the outdoor polo village for “icy aperitifs” and “starry nights”. Spectators will be able to taste bite-size gourmet delights from culinary experts from the great Megève establishments.

Le Fer à Cheval (8)
Laurent Dassault (0)
Matthieu Delfosse (4)
Patrick Paillol (4)

Ice Watch (8)
Louis Costes (0)
Brieuc Rigaux (5)
Thierry Vetois (3)

Stalis (8)
Alexandre Sztarkman (1)
Dario Musso (7)
Sam Stzarkman (0)

Cafe Woody (7)
Freya Olivia Dawson (0)
Grant Collelt (3)
Michael Hendersen (4)

Megeve (7 / 6)
Raffa Singh (1) / Charlotte Chistodoulou (0)
Alec Banner Eve (2)
Jonny Good (4)

Les Fermes de Marie (8)
Cyrille Costes (0)
Clément Delfosse (5)
Clément Gosset (3)

For further information please visit polo-master.com


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