Polo & party atmosphere at the 2nd POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza!

Top polo, party atmosphere and holiday feeling on the sunny Balearic island of Ibiza: The 2nd POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Ibiza once again excited all participants! The players, who fought for the trophy, came from Great Britain, Luxembourg, Argentina, the USA, Ecuador, Switzerland, Germany and even Mongolia to Ibiza Polo Club.

The tournament was organised by POLO+10 and the Ibiza Polo Club and is part of the POLO+10 World Tour, which takes its participants to the most beautiful and exotic polo destinations around the globe. Often this is a unique opportunity for the players to play at their dream destination once. The whole idea is as simple as it is charming: The players register for the tour and book their flight, POLO+10 takes care of everything else.

All matches were exciting and really close, ending with a one-goal difference. ME Ibiza Polo Team, consisting of Raymon Rafool (0, USA), Antonio Parra (0, ECU), Angela Walker (0, UK) and Gabriel Iglesias (2, ARG), was most successful and won the coveted trophy. Team Gemwater with Katriona Shrives (0, UK), Vera Kubick (0, GER), Jérémy Windsinger (0, LUX) and Agustín Arestizábal (3, ARG) was placed second. Third place went to POLO+10 Team, including Ich Tenger Gierke (0, MGL), Barbara Hochuli (0, SUI), Thomas Wirth (0, GER) and Juan Carlos Fiorito (2, ARG).

Thomas Wirth, publisher of POLO+10: “As always everything was organised perfectly, many thanks to Gabriel Iglesias and the whole team of the Ibiza Polo Club! All participants had so much fun and I really look forward to our next tournament at Ibiza Polo Club in May 2017!”

The next station of the POLO+10 World Tour is coming up soon! From 24-28 November 2016, POLO+10 organises the “POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup India 2016” at the Jodhpur Polo & Equestrian Institute. Close to the action – Polo at its best and 100% fun for the players is guaranteed. 12 chukkas per player and selected horses for all levels of play, the unique atmosphere at the Jodhpur Polo & Equestrian Institute and the bright, sunny weather in Jodhpur, which is also know as the “Sun City”. Four places are still available – for further information just write an email tothomas@poloplus10.com.

When the POLO+10 Team will be back from Ibiza a big photo gallery will be published on Facebook!

#1 ME Ibiza Polo Team (2)
Raymon Rafool (0, USA)
Antonio Parra (0, ECU)
Angela Walker (0, UK)
Gabriel Iglesias (2, ARG)

#2 Gemwater (3)
Katriona Shrives (0, UK)
Vera Kubick (0, GER)
Jérémy Windsinger (0, LUX)
Agustín Arestizábal (3, ARG)

#3 POLO+10 Team (2)
Ich Tenger Gierke (0, MGL)
Barbara Hochuli (0, SUI)
Thomas Wirth (0, GER)
Juan Carlos Fiorito (2, ARG)

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