poloreturnstomadrid-0-2016-5-31GA new polo season begins at Club Real Puerta de Hierro in Madrid on Friday. Five tournaments will be played over two months of polo:

-Campeonato Sepúlveda (6-15 May)
-Copa de España (20-29 May)
-Copa Puerta de Hierro (1-12 June)
-Copa Aznar (17-26 June)
-Copa del Rey (29-10 July)

Real Club de Puerta de Hierro was originally founded as “Madrid Polo Club” in 1895; the club has maintained its relationship with polo over the years. History states that a group of sportsmen (mostly golfers) decided to create Madrid’s first polo field along with The Duke of Alba and the support of King Alfonso XIII. The course was constructed in Castellana Racecourse, the area now known as “Los Nuevos Ministerios”. In 1904, an 18-hole golf course and a colonial style clubhouse were built in the vicinity; it became known as “Madrid Polo Golf Club.” In 1909, the land which the Club now uses in the Puerta de Hierro zone were transferred by King Alfonso XIII so as to group polo, golf and tennis in one institution.

Some of the best polo players of our time have played at this club: “The best polo in the world has come by the club, like the Maharajá of Jaipur, the complete Heguy family, the Harriott family, Juan Martín Nero, the Dorignac family, and Luis Lalor, who played the Copa de SM el Rey for 25 years,” states the club.

But there is more to this polo club than big names: “The essence of polo in Madrid is represented by families such as Gil de Biedma (the Copa Sepúlveda takes their name, thanks to the Earl of Sepúlveda), the Aznar family, who have put forward a team for over 100 years (they also give a Cup their name), the Domecq and Lapetra family, Mora Figueroa, Lapetra, Echevarrieta, Trujillo. Now we would include families such as Entrecanales, Espinosa de los Monteros, Cabezas, and Aguirre.”

This season will see players such as Pato Cieza and Luis Domecq, as well as patrons of the likes of Santiago Gil de Viedma, Alejandro Aznar, José Manuel Entrecanales, Juan Pepa and Alfonso Castillo play on the grounds of Puerta de Hierro.

The event will be very attractive, both on and off the field: “The highlight of the season with be the Polo Party on Friday 17 June. A Black Tie Dinner” will be available for all the teams who play the Copa Aznar.”


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